Webinar - Session 2

When:  Feb 28, 2020 from 10:25 AM to 12:05 PM (ET)
Associated with  Catawba Valley Chapter


Morning Session 10:25 am-12:05pm

(CPE Credit: 2 Hours in Behavioral Ethics)


“Blonde in Japan – Where’s Your Blind Spot?”

From the life fraud stories of Frank Abagnale in “Catch Me If You Can” to Bernie Madoff’s infamous Ponzi scheme, fraudsters use our blind spots to win our hearts, minds, and bank accounts. Could you recognize if you were being defrauded? What would you do? Jil York, a Certified Fraud Examiner, will relay her personal story of how she was defrauded on a large scale by a cleaver fraudster, who knew her well. We’ll explore the psychology of a fraudster and the Golden Leg of the Fraud Triangle, as well as how our personal “filters” control how we see a series of events, and why thinking logically can blind you to fraud. You’ll learn to recognize some of the techniques used in a carefully crafted fraud. And, once fraud is suspected, how it is investigated and litigated.

• Learn the psychology and personality type of the fraudster
• Find out what makes a person susceptible to Fraud: The Reticular Activating System – What did you just see?
• Why you should…Always, listen to your gut
• Find out what Methods are used by fraudsters
• Where has all Your money gone? – the Fraud Investigation and Hidden Assets
• Can You get it back? Court, Judgments, and beyond.

Jil York

Jil L. York is the Chief Financial Examiner for Red Flag Financial Forensics, a Division of the Law Offices of John W. Alexander, PLLC. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Management Accountant, and North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal, she works with both the defendant and plaintiff in criminal and civil fraud cases. Jil is also involved in fraud research, hidden asset location, and judgment recovery in family law, small business, and estates.

Her background includes that of a Proprietary Securities Trader specializing in derivatives and currencies for 12 years for Steelgoat Management, Inc. (Nevada based corporation), as well as a Senior Actuarial Analyst and Financial Analyst for Ohio Casualty Insurance for 10 years. Her experience in finance, accounting and law provide for unique and effective methods of determining and providing evidence for fraud perpetrated by individuals and small businesses.


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