President's Message

Hello Everyone,

September has arrived and once again school has started. Our Chapter has decided to hold our Student Event in September and move it to an afternoon event. In speaking with Students and Educators, the afternoon timing would fit better in their schedules. Please join us from 4-5:30 pm on Thursday September 21st.

The topic is Fraud Close to Home and will be presented by a panel of 3 of our own members, Donna Frushour, Nathan Thompson and Ron Nicholson. Each of these individuals has been directly affected either in business and/or personal life by fraud and will lead a discussion on what happened, how it was uncovered and the steps involved in recovery. We are expecting this to be an interactive event.


Recently I was reviewing the IMA Core Values and this section caught my eye:

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

We believe innovation and a spirit of continuous improvement are engines that keep us relevant, vital, and growing. Our culture embraces creativity and seeks different perspectives. We behave like owners of a "business", managing risks and identifying new opportunities in serving members and advancing the profession.

The last sentence, especially the ‘advancing the profession’, is the focus of our Chapter and can be seen in several ways. We hold Conferences a couple times each year, sponsor CMA review classes, and hold student nights. The ‘new opportunities’ would include our own NASBA certification and the Webinars added to our training. This year, we are adding Scholarship opportunities to help ‘advance the profession’.

As the Accounting fields have changed over the years, we have widened our scope to not only include CPA’s, but we have found the need for the CMA program. More often we are finding more individuals attending our conferences from all sides of Finance and Human Resources and business owners. "Advancing the profession" is encompassing more sides of business. Is there more we should do?